Fresh Up Portugal in collaboration with Impact Trails

Fresh Up Portugal

5 days filled with activities and great food. And of course, the opportunity to relax!

Last April we hosted the "Fresh Up Portugal" event. We created this event in collaboration with Impact Trails, a Dutch company that focusses on travel, training, and coaching. Leave your busy life behind for a couple of days. In Portugal, we are going to work on our “Body and Mind”. The program has a mix of relaxing and movement. Pilates, FreshBalance, walking and relaxing exercises.

You will find enough time to relax and to have a good conversation with your fellow participants. The food is prepared with love and passion. All of the food is biological with an eye for quality. Enjoy the hospitality and the amazing food and join us. Please contact us for more information.

Odette Eijkmans

It was a fantastic 5 days: pilates/fresh balance, walking, cycling, cooking workshop, great location, fantastic hosts and guides, amazing service, and great food. See you next year!

Ingrid Vogelzang

It was great! Beautiful location, super fun program, and outstanding organization. They really spoiled me!